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Betsy Grant: Press

See Amy Lotsberg's review of Betsy's compositions online at Collected Sounds. Click on "Artists" at the top of her web page, and type in Betsy Grant in the search bar for a review of The Listening Heart CD

"Betsy's pianism is like part of herself. She has an introspective feeling in her music. Her technique denotes an excellent school of pianism. Her musicianship is of first class. Presence is excellent."
Alberto Bolet
"Dynamics sensitive and varied, rhythmically alive, authoritative approach to instrument, excellent projection, artisitc throughout."
Charles Fierro
"Very lovely, expressive and technically excellent."
Leah Effenbach - As winner of Brentwood Symphony Competition
"An extraordinary talent taught beautifully."
Santos Ojeda - As winner of American Music Scholarship Competition
In mentioning Betsy's playing: "...the rare ability to project your music to the listener, the difference between an artist and a pianist."
Gertrude Roberts